Runs from Friday October 12 2018 to Saturday October 13 2018

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Nancy Marine Studio Theatre
84 Main Street
Torrington CT 06790

Performance Notes

A two day event!  The mission of the International Playwright Festival is to recognize the work of emerging and established playwrights and to build a link between playwrights, the theatre community and our audiences.  The festival is a celebration of new works by playwrights from across the country and around the globe. For the 7th year, 150 plays were accepted for consideration from across the United States and Canada and as far away as Portugal. 9 winners have been selected and one play invited to participate in the 2018 festival.

This year's festival is themed, THE HUMAN CONDITION? and the schedule of performances is as follows:

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2018 at 8PM

RAW by Victoria Z. Daly (Connecticut)
Directed by Jameson H. Willey

At an everyday family dinner in Westchester, Grace tries to convince Sam, her doctor husband, to apologize to a friend. But the meal rapidly spirals out of control, catching their ten-year-old son Alan in the crossfire.

INTERROGATION by Richard Broadhurst (California)
Directed by Peggy Terhune

Two women, from different generations and socioeconomic backgrounds are brought together by a set of tragic circumstances. This duo soon realizes they have more in common than either of them might have expected and out of their shared experiences these women develop an unexpected bond.

THE GREYSON VARIATIONS by Nelson Clark (Portugal)
Directed by Earle “Wes” Baldwin

Pamela Harris had a Near Death Experience. She's part of a study to explore what happened. Dr. Edie Richter, a clinical researcher, conducts a survey about the events Pamela experienced. A problem arises when Pamela reveals she has an agenda for taking the survey. She doesn't know Dr. Richter has her own agenda. Both will unleash unintended consequences.

BLOOD by Yael Haskal (New York)
Directed by Foster Evans Reese

When Lindy is called upon to donate blood to a local pastor and pillar of the community, she and her phlebotomist face the ultimate question: "Does blood really run deep?”

SWEET DREAMS by Tony Pasquilini (California)
Directed by Keith Paul

An actress struggling for relevancy in a male dominated theatre company, tries to come to terms with an unusual new acting partner.


UNTO THE BREACH AT THE MAISON DE VILLE by Charlene A. Donaghy (Connecticut)
Directed by Sharon W. Houk

Mrs. Oscar James "Louise" Nixon hired Ethel Crumb in 1927 as the first Technical Director of Le Petit Theatre in New Orleans. Twenty years later their theatre, and their art, are under threat of changing times. As Louise tries to convine Ethel to rise to battle, their savior might lie in a ghost or in a legend.

SOLO by Donna Hoke (New York)
Directed by Lucia M. Dressel

When a chorus student is confronted by a situation that isn't covered by policy, his teacher is confronted by his parents.

Directed by Stephen C. Houk

A 15-year old girl, living on the road with her failing singer-songwriter father, attempts to run away in the early morning hours at a truck stop in the middle of Wyoming.

BRACE by Annie LaRussa (New York)
Directed by Katherine Ray

Carl and May are forced to confront some truths about their true love story as their airplane braces for impact. To quote Mr. Shakespeare, "The course of true love never did run smooth."

STAY by Dagney Keer (California)
Directed by Sharon W. Houk

Two regulars at the dog park – a young Maltese and an aging German Shepherd – discover the meaning of friendship and loss.


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