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Occurs on Friday May 10 2019

Approximate running time: 3 hours


Nancy Marine Studio Theatre
84 Main Street
Torrington CT 06790

Event Notes

Documentary film and panel of experts address dyslexia and best practices for literacy education.

An Evening to Promote the Science of Reading (with Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker and Panel of Professionals)

This event at the Warner Theatre will include a screening of Dislecksia: The Movie, followed by a panel discussion comprised of reading and learning experts. The film and discussion panel will explore best practices in reading instruction, early intervention, learning differences detection, and the socio-economic and emotional impacts of marginal reading/illiteracy. The scientific community has identified the very best practices in reading instruction, and we want to share them with you!

According to The Mayo Clinic, the number of dyslexic people in America hovers between 15 and 35 million. Although these large numbers may be staggering to those not intimately familiar with the ‘learning difference’ of Dyslexia (as Dislecksia creator Harvey Hubbell V dubs it), even more staggering is the number of people who go undiagnosed and not properly educated due to misinformation in America’s educational system.

About the film: Throughout the film Harvey Hubbell V shares not only his personal journey as a dyslexic child from affable preschooler to mislabeled ‘stupid and lazy kid’ but also the vast number of famous names who similarly struggle(d) with Dyslexia, including such luminaries as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Richard Branson, Pablo Picasso, and Steven Spielberg. Dislecksia: The Movie’s message is shared (as reviewer, Odie Henderson, penned) “equal parts confessional, celebrity interview, activism, in-depth discussion, and cheerleader for the afflicted. It's packaged in an easygoing 83 minutes…(that) never wears out its welcome.”

About the panel: Panel will include Dr. Margie Gillis (President and CEO of Literacy How), Karen Debari (Wilson Language Trainer), Dr. Laura B. Raynolds (Associate Professor of Reading, SCSU), Dr. Regine Randall (Graduate Coordinator and Associate Professor of Reading, SCSU), Kelly Howard (Decoding Dyslexia), and Dena Mortenson (Waterbury Public Schools ELA Supervisor). The panel will be moderated by emmy-award winning filmmaker Harvey Hubbell V (Dislecksia:The Movie).

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